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the darkness

As he stepped closer to the bar, the floor beneath his feet groaned and splintered, cracking under the weight of his body. The dusty room felt cold and uninviting to the newly formed demon and as he looked around all he could see was decay and a deathly feeling of loss. Streaming light fell from the holes in the roof and the boards in the walls falling delicately over his features and shivering stumbled forward unsure on what he should do. Raising his hand up slowly he studied a mark, a tattoo black as the night and deep as an endless pit, a mark he would come to know as the debt to be paid.

Feeling the raised surface on his skin he rubbed it, scratching the skin, bringing a drop of blood to the surface. As it drips down silently to the floor it expands into a pool of dark matter sucking in the light, spreading slowly like a snake. Raising his head he looks forward the terror of the situation comes more clearly to his mind and for the first time he sees his face since the transition in the dusty mottled mirror behind the bar.

“So this is my fate, this is my reward for the life that was mine and then taken away by those who wanted control and power over others.”


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the light

When I was at school, the teachers always told me off for being late or not tucking in my shirt correctly.Sato stand up straight when walking they said. Don’t shout in the hallways Sato. I didn’t really understand why I had to do these things and always thought that they were picking on me for some unknown reason. All I wanted to do was rebel against their conformity, their rules and regulations.

A flood of memories came back to him while he was talking but thought that maybe this wasn’t the right time to talk about them.I wasn’t sure what I would do once I left school. My grades were average at best and I didn’t seem to be good at anything imparticular. He said looking down into his hands and rubbed them together hoping what he was saying wasn’t too embarrassing to those listening.

Thrusting up her hand a student requests to ask a question. "Was it hard to be in the army when the Uprising occurred? and how did you feel afterwards”? her voice was calm and steady as she put down her arm and waited for a reply.

"Humm.. Well it was difficult for all of us the population had grown past the capacity for us to care for everyone. The police were no longer keeping the peace but trying to enforce rule to stop society falling apart…. and we had to do our job however hard it was for us to do… I think you know what happened after that and how many list their lives to the riots in the city’s. The world went mad for a time and we just had to go with the flow and do the best that we could. That was our reality day to day and we did the best we could.”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with his own reply Sato decides to wait for another question.


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Tobias stepped out of the taxi, handed over some cash and put up his umbrella in an attempt at keeping dry.“Here are your bags Mr Jacobs. I hope you have a good stay.” Tipping his hat the taxi driver got back in the car and drove off towards town.(music fades out as the car drives off),

Nice kid, got a tip. I wonder what the wife has cooked for tea tonight? The doc said I need to cut down on my fat intake but a pizza sounds great just now.

Diary Entry for Friday 13th October 2017

The language school I had decided to apply for wasn’t in the middle of nowhere but on the edge of the village, however anything was better than the noise of tokio drowning out my own thoughts. Too many people, too much pain like a torrent of social media where everyone thinks their view is the valid one. Computers have not so far transfered our ideas but amplified them to the point of saturation.

Wow this is so easy out here to concentrate without interfearence. Thinking out loud a thought struck me like a thunderbolt. If video killed the radio star then what did social media kill? From a young age I have struggled to block out the noise that filtered into my daily life like a medial drip feeding thoughts directly into my brain.


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