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James Francis Peck


Reading has always been a part of my life, from biographies to novels, manga to news articles. It makes up a big chunk of my day, both for entertainment or research purposes. Having a wide interest range has kept me busy, however geting all the ideas out of my head onto paper is my number one priority. 

I started writing website articles many years ago for an LGBT+ company in London that focused on popular cultural interests. I often critiqued artists work, interviewing celebrities to talk about their lives and loves. While I found this interesting it was quite restrictive having to follow the editors' ideas on how the site should evolve (or not).

Shortly after I broke away and formed boy-fresh with my partner and had many successful and fun years writing about our favourite people, music and film. This all took a bit chunk of our time and quite often we were working halfway through the night to get the next article or issue finished. Deciding that we were just too tired to think (let alone have time out for relaxing) we both stepped back and decided to concentrate on other activities, but I always missed the days when we worked together on LGBT+ content.

The time came again when I wanted to write and so I decided to re-imagine Boy-Fresh for the current market and engage my passion for storytelling through novels, screen-plays, poems and articles.

My ongoing work is concentrated on the sci-fi and fantasy market where I have the most fun. Using my knowledge and background I aim to create LGBT+ positive material that is part of life experiences that people can relate to. My passion is to use writing for inclusion and equality, not about box ticking. I came to the realisation that trying to prove one persons' point of view is more valid than another is futile in an everchanging world. 

Below you can find a list of current projects that are designed as screenplays, novels and articles that would be great for a wide range of applications such as Films, TV, Anime and more.

Feel free to connect with me to discuss any of my profesional work via Linked-In, Email or phone.

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What stuff do I like?


With a hunger for the different, strange and unique, I look for the beauty in nature and human creations that go deeper into the mind searching for answers using form, texture, lighting and pattern. All are of equal importance and add depth to the overall composition bringing a special 'something' that makes it stand out. Occasionally I also get ''photographers fluke' which is always a bonus when you have a subject that just shines all on its own.

Artistic Design

From a rough sketch to a finished design, from screen to paint and back again. Every material, every stroke, every line is just a part of the process to make unforgettable artworks that projects quality and refinement. I love to paint and draw new pieces of art work but also just like the master's love to recreate work by others too for my own enjoyment. Building up layers often over years I enjoy the warmth of the feeling transferred to the subject on the artboard.


Writing is a medium I enjoy every day and no matter how short or long whether it be a poem or a novel, every word is set to paper or screen in a way that touches the readers soul. Your journey could be floating away on a gentle summer breeze on the back of a mythical creature or freeze in the depths of a dark foreboding chasm with the enemy hot in pursuit with only a small lantern to light your way. Words can be used in so many ways but ultimately it is stories that help us visualise and remember.

Current novel and screenplay projects

UDL Project

Nov 2024 - Ongoing | Status - Currently writing

Listen to chapter one - TBC
Download PDF - TBC
Screen Play


Life does not always go to plan and is often unfair. This screenplay confronts what happens to us all, whether we are prepaired or not. 


Nov 2023 - Ongoing | Status -Hold

Listen to chapter one
Download PDF
Novel and Screen Play

Our identity is not just for show, it makes up part of who we are as a humans, but as Violet finds out, what seems to be the truth, is not to be beleived as he navigates a hidden world where ideas and thoughts become reality ...

We all wish for more than what we need, but what if what we want, has other ideas...

The span of Iskur

Jan 2021 - Ongoing | Status -Hold

Listen to chapter one
Download PDF
Novel and Screen Play

Yat-Sen, a traveling storyteller tells of a fable of a city in the sky where the king Jing-sheng rules over his subjects. While the king is happy with his life he still feels different... something is missing, a hole in his soul that needs a special kind of key to unlock his memories.

Find out why is storytelling so important to Yat-Sen and what the king truely searches for in his heart. Sending out his best warriors across the lands the king hopes to unlock the memories of his childhhood and fix his troubled mind. 

Downstreet Boys

Jan 2023 - Ongoing | Status -Hold

Listen to chapter one
Download PDF
Novel and Screen Play

When they said information will be the next tool of war they did not realise it would affect the past instead of the future. The date is 1916 and five survivor’s fight hard to keep themselves alive in a world without any electrical technology.

Downstreet Boys takes you back to 1916 when the world lost it's ability to use any electrical technology and millions die from starvation.

Read on to find out if Basho gets answers to what happened and find a way to keep his family safe.

The Dark

Jan 2022 - Ongoing | Status -Hold

Listen to chapter one
Download PDF
Novel and Screen Play

Rhio hates the dark... and so would you if all your memories had gone and you were no longer human...

The darkness is a fantasy timeline that defies our understanding of the afterlife. A place where time and reason are no longer relevant and your whit and tenacity are the only thing that will keep you sane.

As the newly formed demon passes from the afterlife back to the human realm, will he decipher the clues that let him to his death or will he fall forever into the dark pit of despair?

The Light

Jan 2022 - Ongoing | Status -Hold

Listen to chapter one
Download PDF
Novel and Screen Play

Sato is just living day to day, trying to find rest in his soul and grieve for his former lover. Will his memories of the uprising that ripped them apart lead to clues on who orchestrated the attempted destruction of all social cohesion?

The light is a puzzle within a puzzle as a lonely detective tries to pick up the pieces after loosing the one and only love in his life. He questions if what he is searching for is a way to end his suffering and find closure for the things he still can not understand.

Find out if the battle between the darkness will devour his mind or if the light will help him understand what is more important.

What I am made up of ...

We are all made up of star dust... or so they say. I tend to think of my body in cups of coffee, noms (food), spunk and sleeping time. That does not mean that I lack any other bits of me, just that I can not list them all for you here.

Noms (Biscuits, Cake, chocolate ETC)
Spunk (Guts,Grit,Determination)
Sleeping time

What do I write ...

Having so many passions can be tricky when limited to a twenty four hour day. The information listed below lists my main focus for 2024. For examples of my work visit my diary where you can downlocad PDF documents. I do not bite, so please send me an email to bfauth@boy-fresh.co.uk and I can get in touch to talk about any custom projects you want me to write for.

Ghost writer
Online articals
Educational material
Books and Screenplays

Want to know more? Get in touch

I'm always available for freelancing or to discuss any future or current projects.

Boy-fresh media is open for for access only at our main address. Before you arrive please book by emailing or calling first.

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